Daily Academy

An Ed Tech Software

It is quite an interesting project I have been working on. It was my idea to develop this application. And also it has a tons of features. In our country there is a huge demand of tutors. Specially batch tutors. And there was not any solution for them that can serve their purpose.

I created this application, I have both SaaS and Non SaaS version of this application for both the purposes. It also a successful application of mine. Talking about the features, It has

- Course management
- Student management
- Authorization management
- Assessment management
- Assignment management
- Account management
- Attendance management
- File management
- SMS handling
- Multiple Payment gateway integration etc

This application serves the teachers like a charm. It connects the students, teachers and the parents in a very seamless way. Teachers can get paid directly from the guardian. Gets attendance, payments and exam marks right into parents email and phone as SMS. Also students can focus solely to study. Students get an amazing interface to get all the lecture notes and teachers msg in one place on course feed. Overall the system gives an amazing experience for all the entities who use this software.

Technologies Used

- Laravel
- Livewire
- AlpineJS
- Bootstrap
- Postman
- PhpUnit Testing
- Livewire Testing
- Git & Github
- Server management with Laravel Forge
- Websockets for notificaiton
- Queue

Project Timeline:1 Year
Project Engagement2021-till now