An Ed Tech platform for university/college students.

This is one of my favourite application. This is an open source application and it’s quite big too. I developed this application 4 years ago and it has 25,000 active users. I developed it with FilamentPHP.

This app helps the students to predict what faculties they want to take for which course. It also have a reviewing system. It has a quite a lot of data. Near about half a million data.

Also it has a help center. Students can seek helps from other students.

It has community contribution platform where students can contribute notes and other stuffs.

CGPA Calculator, academic calender, notice board, my contribution and points. etc. It has a lot of features and also a it’s under further development by the community.

Every students in our college loves to use this application which makes me happy.

Technologies Used

- Laravel
- Filament Php
- Livewire
- AlpineJS
- Tailwind
- Figma
- Postman
- PhpUnit Testing
- Livewire Testing
- Git & Github
- Server management with Laravel Forge
- Websockets for notification.

Project Timeline:3 Months
Project Engagement:2021-till now running with further development and maintenance