Next Cart WP Plugin

A plugin which connects Woocommerce with Next Cart Python App

Next Cart is a WordPress plugin which connects with a Django application. I didn’t work on the Django part of the application. That was another team. But this products was also to connect the application to WordPress. This product mainly focus on the WooCommerce platform. A user can have single or multiple shops. And users can do everything from a single dashboard. The Django app has all the features which WooCommerce have and they are synced once for a while and keep all the data synced to both the databases. This is also an interesting application where one can operate the application from Next Cart web app and things will get changed in WP. Also order will be placed on WP and at the same time it will be placed on the web app as well. Not only the orders, the products, customers, stocks, coupon etc.

Technologies Used

- WordPress Plugin Development
- Bootstrap
- Postman

Project Timeline:4 months
Project Engagement:2023-2024