Divi Hub

Laravel App and WordPress plugin to have a central system to manage multiple WordPress websites

I have contributed in this application where it’s really a big project connecting 3 applications in one place. Two of them are Laravel applications and one is any WordPress website. The project is about managing WordPress websites from a single dashboard. The internal system of those two applications are powered by Laravel. And tons of WordPress websites will be connected is powered by a powerful WP Plugin which is highly secure to connect with the Laravel app. The entire architecture is connected and they communicated via API’s. As a ton’s of API requests are here, the requests are processed via Redis Queue.

For the UI and reactivity, the Laravel App uses Livewire and AlpineJS. For CSS TailwindCSS is used. The design is made from Figma. So I collaborated with the design team also.

For WordPress website I created a plugin which will handle all the API calls and do it’s work securely.

For notifying users in realtime that what’s happeing. I have used WebSockets. Most specifically Pusher. I created this entire system of notification.

The entire architecture is maintained by Docker.

Technologies Used

- Laravel
- Livewire
- AlpineJS
- TailwindCSS
- Figma
- Postman
- PhpUnit Testing
- Livewire Testing
- Cypress Testing
- WordPress Plugin Developement
- Docker
- Websocket
- Redis
- Queue

Project Timeline:2 Years
Project Engagement:2021-2024