A financial book keeping app

It’s an enterprise level application which I developed for one of my clients and now as market is craving for this application so much I’m planning to make a SaaS version out of it. Accounting software is a common thing but which stands me apart via this application is our country has some own rules to follow which often other companies cannot provide.

It’s basically an application which have all the core accounting features with a very easy user interface. Features contains

- Payment management
- Receivement management
- Journal entry
- Business contact management
- Head of accounts management
- Chart of accounts management
- Chart of group manangement
- Money transfer management
- Multi-currency support
- Business contact balance management
- Reports
— Ledger
— Payable
— Receivable
— Business contact reports
— Trial Balance
— Balance Sheet

Features Upcoming to this project

- API intergration of flight booking management system. (IATA)
- Travel management system

Technologies Used

- Laravel
- Livewire
- AlpineJS
- Bootstrap
- Postman
- PhpUnit Testing
- Livewire Testing
- Git & Github
- Server management with AWS
- Websockets for notification
- Queue

Project Timeline1 Year
Project Engagement2022-2024